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Who is Judita Doliveira

Pesce owner, Judita Doliveira, was born in Venezuela, where she started her career in the arts. Ms Doliveira was deeply inspired by the beauty of the people in their daily lives, and the vibrant colors of her home country. Although self-taught, her education continued and expanded once she moved to the United States, where she went to the Art League School of Arlington, Virginia. She honed her techniques under the tutelage of Alfredo Ratinoff, in whose studio she found new sources of inspiration, media and techniques.

Judita's work reveals a deep understanding and passion for her craft. This knowledge  and expression extends from stunning hand-made tiles, representing the playful character of children and the daily lives of people in her homeland, to dynamic figurative ceramic sculpture, beautiful mosaic tile compositions, and her unique drawing style.

Ms. Doliveira has the ability to transform animals, people, and the cities that they live in, into bright, colorful, and whimsical ceramics created with textures and mixed media, giving the viewera glimpse into the beautiful word of Judita Doliveira.

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